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BlackBlox System for Tracking Vehicles and Cargo


BlackBlox solutions for tracking road transport are available in three options. This allows you to choose your best and only pay for functionalities you actually need and use. Changing from one option to another is simple and without additional expenses.




BlackBlox.lite gives cargo and passenger transportation companies and taxi services the key possibilities for easy and efficient tracking of vehicles and easy management of fleet vehicles.BlackBlox.lite is a foundation to quality and competitiveness of transport services.

  • Device BlackBlox.advance/
  • SIM card (Slovenia, Europe, world*).
  • Web application for monitoring and analyzing movements of your vehicles and cargo:
    • tracking in real time (current location, current and average speed, direction, driving time and rest periods in current day, the duration of active rest...);
    • Location refreshes every 10 seconds (standard);
    • Graphical representation of history of drives by day or by week (paths on map, interactive charts), reports for custom time intervals (drives statistics) and more;
    • Balance sheets of driving costs (grouped by country, vehicles, drivers, etc.);
    • Drive analysis with ordering by key parameters and location searching;
    • Settable periodic reports that your receive in your e-mail inbox;
    • Export of reports to Excel for additional processing and export to PDF for printing;
    • Export of the route to gpx format;
    • Managing points of interest, arrivals, departures, etc.;
    • Managing routes of transportation;
    • Tracking packages (with additional BlackBlox devices or BlackBlox.card);
    • Access for clients allowing them to track their packages or cargo (with additional username and password);
    • Ability of locking the vehicle with alarm;
    • Vehicle booklet for managing expenses and storing vehicle related documents;
    • Use of different backgrounds – maps.
  • Mobile application for tracking vehicles on mobile device or tablet.
  • Technical and user support, regular upgrades to server software and BlackBlox application.
  • Storing data securly, administering server, high availability and unparalleled performance.

*Tracking for countries outside of Europe is possible with prior arrangements.




Option BlackBlox.standard adds key features for monitoring the vehicle's activity and strains of driver to the basic option BlackBlox.lite. At the same time it make work of traffic policemen easier and improves communication between drivers.

BlackBlock.standard upgrades the basic option BlackBlox.lite.

  • BlackBlox.advance device.
  • Monitoring parameters of drives (FMS) – interactively, history (charts).
  • Communication with driver (two-way, navigating the driver to his target location, etc.).
  • Logging in into vehicle (reports on drives by drivers).
  • Reports on working hours done.
  • Tracking of opening the petrol tank lid.


  • Garmin navigation device;
  • Identification of driver using identity key (i-Button) or identifikacija voznika z uporabo identifikacijskega ključka (i-Button) ali NFC čitalca, ki omogoča prijavo več oseb v enem vozilu;
  • Sensor for petrol tank lid. is a tracking option for transportation companies that want heighest level of control and managment over their fleet vehicles. This solution is especially appropriate for companies that want to provide high-standard transportation with as small risks and costs as possible. upgrades options BlackBlox.lite and BlackBlox.standard.

  • BlackBlox.advance device.
  • Control over ammount of fuel in tanks using probes;
  • Alarms at special events (refilling, leaking, stealing of fuel);
  • Reports on refilling, stealing and usage of fuel;
  • Control over pressure in tires;
  • Control over temperature in radiator.
  • Collection of data from measurement instruments (fuel pump, temperature in radiator) and different detectors and switches;
  • Custom report on different events;
  • Managing cargo volume and volume available;


  • probes for measuring fuel level in a tank;
  • sensors for pressure in tires using RF connection;
  • temperature sensors with RF connection;
  • other detectors and switches;
  • RS232 plugins, USB, Bluetooth;
  • dedicated terminal (tablet).



Solutions for special needs

Experts at 3B+D allow you to customly upgrade options given above. This way you can really get the best result in your working environment (construction, mining, metallurgy, production, etc.).

Interested in BlackBlox? We will make you an offer you would not be able to refuse.


BlackBlox System for Tracking Vehicles and Cargo
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