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Ideas for Personal Tracking


BlackBlox.card is a truly versatile tracking device. With BlackBlox.personal web and mobile application your valuables are protected, you can monitor your surroundings and record your activities.



Leisure tracking

Tracking is a fun and frequently useful! With BlackBlox cards you can easily mark the geolocation of places that interest you. Collecting mushrooms? Mark the spot for the best mushroom picking, On the tourist trail? Mark the places and attractions that captivated you. Geolocation data can be exported into other applications - for planning future trips, phototagging as well as communicating with other travellers.



Sporting activities

With BlackBlox you can analyse your progress - the speed, altitude, distance and stopovers. Monitor your progress using three different and selectable modes: walking (running, hiking ...), cycling (roller skating, sailing, rowing ...), car (motorcycle, motorboat ...).



Lock the car and protect your valuables

BlackBlox.card has a built-in ability to protect the car. Simply place the card in a good hiding place and set the alarm from within the application. If the car moves, you will be notified immediately via SMS or e-mail.

Protect other valuables, such as road or mountain bikes, parachutes, diving equipment, laptop, luggage, photo/video equipment and others in the same way!



Personal Safety

Dementia sufferers may become disorientated and lose their way. With a BlackBlox card in their pocket, you can see where they are at any time of the day. Keep track of the children, on independent hikes and their first visits to the shopping mall, bike rides, and even on school trips.

BlackBlox is a faithful companion in the most extreme adventures. Your nearest and dearest have web-based access and constant sight of your journey, no matter where you are.



Emergency calls – SOS

BlackBlox.card becomes a reliable life-saving device by pressing the emergency call button. With a single button, it sends an emergency call together with location data to selected GSM numbers or e-mail addresses.



 Are interested in how to get BlackBlox or how to use it?

Call us by telephone at 01 236 48 80 or send email to By phone we are available every weekday from 8:00 to 16:00.


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