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Safety and security


BlackBlox provides safety services with effective protection and reliable control over the use and operation of facilities and employees in the field. BlackBlox solutions aim to better manage risk and increase operational efficiency for the operator while also increasing the quality of safety services to customers.

  • Managing company fleet.
  • Monitoring movement of mobile assets in real time.
  • Obtain data on the current location of assets.
  • Identify driver, co-driver, operator and other vehicle occupants using NFC readers.
  • Automatic alarm triggering in case of unauthorized movement of assets.
  • Special vehicle-based SOS button for emergency calls.
  • Remote shutdown of vehicle or assets.
  • Directing vehicle to (the desired) location and communication with drivers.
  • Link with a variety sensors to capture data on the operation of the machine or device.
  • Review history of the movement and parameters of operating assets.
  • Automated reporting during asset operation at work sites.
  • Automated incident reporting.
  • Automated travel order issuing.


Options for safety services:

  • set up for private cloud-based access ensuring the highest level of technical and organisational security;
  • upgrade to incident management control application;
  • integrate with alarm system control centre in real time.



Solutions for specific requirements

Experts from the 3B+D company allow you to (further) upgrade the selected packages with specialised solutions upon request. Such tracking systems support the highest requirements for specific transport services or for managing fleets of vehicles or assets in difficult operating conditions (construction, mining, metallurgy, production ...).

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