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Tracking for private use


Blackblox can be customized for individual use, combining a pocket-based tracking card and BlackBlox.personal online user application.



BlackBlox.card tracking device

GPS and GPRS - credit-card sized tracking device combines global positioning system (GPS) and transmission of location data in real time over the Internet (GPRS). The device offers three preset tracking modes, which can be reset online or by SMS messaging.

Continuous tracking - Built-in flash memory ensures that geolocation information is stored even when GPRS is unavailable. Data is automatically transferred online once the connection has been re-established.

Ease of use - the device's single button control selects tracking mode (driving by car, cycling and walking), marks locations (points of interest) and sends an emergency call (via SMS to selected mobile phone numbers).

Reacts to movement - BlackBlox.card has a special built-in sensor to detect acceleration, which serves to automatically turn devices on or off, and warn of movements to items, such as a car or luggage.



BlackBlox.personal web-based application - also for mobile use

BlackBlox includes a web-based application that tracks the movement of the card and thus the object or the person wearing it. The app is also available in a simplified form for mobile phones.

Main features of BlackBlox.personal

  • Tracking movement in real time for various graphic formats (maps) - street, relief, combined (Open StreetMap, Google Maps ...).
  • Extremely short interval location broadcasting (preset at 10 seconds for motor transport).
  • Displays information in real time: current speed, average speed, distance travelled, journey duration and duration of stops on the same day, the duration of the last stop, odometer, relational odometer).
  • Manage multiple BlackBlox.card devices within the same application.
  • Rapidly display information on current location, date and time, speed, altitude and name of the selected device.
  • Plotting the route depending on the speed of motion.
  • Manage points of interest and notification of arrival.
  • Display locations of special events (stops, emergencies, motion of locked devices) and manually marked locations.
  • Map-based progress history displayed in days and weeks, in conjunction with altitude and speed charts.
  • Analyse driving or movement in any time period (journeys statistics, motor vehicle log book, stopovers, minute display).
  • Sort sites by parameters (addresses, speed, altitude...) and search sites visited.
  • Automated reporting and sending to the selected email addresses in xls or pdf file format.
  • Export data paths in gpx file format for use in other applications (Google Earth) or geolocation photos tagging (geotagging).
  • BlackBlox.card battery monitor
  • Lock device against movement (combined with car lock).
  • Adjustable alarms for SOS call, device locking and battery status.
  • Driving expenses (fuel costs, regular servicing, repairs, insurance ...).


Are interested in how to get BlackBlox or how to use it?

Call us by telephone at 01 236 48 80 or send email to By phone we are available every weekday from 8:00 to 16:00.


Tracking for private use