Frequently Asked Questions

How does BLACKBLOX gadget work?

BLACKBLOX works by collecting your vehicle's location data using GPS and transmitting it over the mobile network to a server where the data is stored. You can view the collected data using the BLACKBLOX web app.

BLACKBLOX devices can be monitored wherever a GSM signal is available. In case of GSM signal failure, the positions are recorded in the internal memory of the device and synchronised with the BLACKBLOX system when the data connection is re-established.

BLACKBLOX devices have a built-in acceleration sensor that detects vehicle movement even if the vehicle moves without the key. If you wish, the BLACKBLOX system will send you a warning SMS about these and similar events.

Would you like further information about the condition of your vehicle or goods? With various sensors you can monitor the temperature in the load compartment, monitor the open loading door, the utility service can monitor the condition of the plough or spreader and much more. On top of all this, the installation of a smart card reader also allows you to identify the driver, automatically providing you with a record of the vehicle's occupants.

How does BLACKBLOX work?

You can view all the data collected in BLACKBLOX on your PC, smartphone or tablet. The app is easy to use and transparent.

In addition to a visual overview of the status and movement of vehicles, it also allows you to generate a variety of reports. In addition to the text report, you can also produce reports in graphical format, which is particularly useful when displaying the status of sensors, e.g. temperature display. You can also export the data in different formats for processing with other software.

In conjunction with the navigation device, you can send location messages to the vehicle or have the driver send them to your centre.

What are the advantages of BLACKBLOX devices?

  • Easy to use system.
  • Easy development and production of the complete system from device to application.
  • Easy installation of devices.
  • Reliable system performance.
  • Strong technical and consultancy support.

What about the cost of BLACKBLOX devices?

You must be wondering what the cost of running a device is. With our various offers we have made sure that your costs are kept to a minimum. It is possible to pay data and service costs either monthly or annually.