Vehicle and cargo tracking

BLACKBLOX vehicle and cargo tracking systems meet the highest demands of road hauliers, passenger and logistics service providers and private users. They are designed to track vehicles, goods and people in the field. They are most commonly used for fleet management, optimising working time and costs at all levels of a company's operations. In addition to business tracking, they are also intended for personal use. They can be used to track vehicles, objects or leisure activities.

Various customised tracking packages allow you to upgrade and optimise your business, services and events. They offer personal security and security of your property. The user functions included in the BLACKBLOX package allow the user to monitor the position of vehicles, view the history of the vehicle route, communicate between the vehicle and the company, generate reports and manage various fleet data.

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Blackblox vehicle and cargo tracking packages

Built-in device
  • Installation device,
  • simple installation,
  • integrated A-GPS and GSM antenna,
  • digital inputs,
  • connection with Garmin navigation system possible,
  • battery installation possible.

Can be used in: cars, trucks, boats, working machinery, etc.
Mobile device
  • Device without installation,
  • compact and robust,
  • automatic on/off switch,
  • long autonomy,
  • three buttons to manage events,
  • rental option.

Can be used in: cars, trucks, boats, working machinery, etc.


Built-in device
  • Robust design,
  • extremely long autonomy (several years),
  • vandalism resistant,
  • possibility of using different message intervals.

Can be used in: wagons, lorries, working machinery, etc.

>> Examples of use

Business tracking

Vehicle fleet

The BLACKBLOX app enables fleet management. It allows you to monitor your mileage via the OBD interface and track the occupants of your vehicle via NFC or Bluetooth identification. Petrol Magna card integration allows fuel cost monitoring. In addition to reminders for vehicle servicing, it is also possible to manage servicing, tyre and insurance costs.

Trains/Container transport

BLACKBLOX.train offers continuous monitoring of wagons and cargo. Data is automatically and reliably transmitted from the devices to the monitoring application, which informs you about movements, stops or POIs via email and/or SMS notifications. BLACKBLOX.train can also be integrated into your existing IT solutions (API) if required.


The portable tracking device for boats offers continuous control of the vessel via a web or mobile app. In case of unauthorised movement of the vessel from the berth area, the system will notify you via SMS. In addition to protecting vessels from theft, also provides you with an overview of your vessel's navigation history, the setting up of areas of interest, which allow for automatic notifications of arrivals or departures from specific areas and more.

Public utility solutions

In addition to tracking vehicles and people, BLACKBLOX also allows you to enter routes for individual vehicles. The keys on the rented devices also allow the real-time recording of the tasks carried out according to predefined routes.

Emergency vehicles

Solutions for ambulance vehicles allow you to control the current status of the vehicle, communicate with the on-board team, navigate the vehicle, fill in protocols/forms in digital format, an application to manage non-emergency/medical supplies transports and more. Our solution is also compatible with dispatching software.

Construction machinery

The BLACKBLOX app gives you an easy overview of your machine's performance, fuel level and costing. It also offers the possibility to accommodate SMS or email notifications in case the construction machine moves during the desired period, thus protecting against theft. It offers a range of reports (machine hours report, event report, etc.) that can make your job easier.

Winter service vehicles

The easy-to-use system provides an overview of the distance travelled, the time spent and the work carried out (ploughing, gritting, cleaning of public or private areas, routing of roads and sections). This provides accurate monitoring of the work of the winter service and facilitates the production of reports. The work of the winter service can also be managed in the application by means of work orders.

Armoured cars

We also handle the requirements and functionalities required for the transport of money and high-value items. Real-time tracking, identification of the crew and the phone in the vehicle, connectivity with the vehicle's retrofitter (NOM), SOS panic button, engine lock and remote vehicle control (opening doors, changing driving modes, etc.) are all possible.
>> Examples of use

Leisure and personal tracking

Sports activities

The BLACKBLOX app allows you to record kilometres walked or cycled, change altitude and export data in GPX format for processing in other sports apps.

Self-locking and security of vehicles for private use

The ensures the safety of your vehicle by having the ability to automatically lock your vehicle. Simply leave the device in your car, RV and set the alarm in the app. If your vehicle moves within a certain period of time, you will be notified immediately via SMS or email.

Personal safety

With, you can keep track of elderly people with dementia who often get lost, or children on their own walks, first shopping trips in shopping centres, bike rides, on the way to school, etc. In addition to tracking, also allows you to make a quick and easy emergency call using a special button that sends the person's location information via SMS or email.

Protect valuable items

The secures a wide variety of valuable items such as road or mountain bikes, parachutes, diving equipment, laptop, personal luggage, photo/video equipment and more. You are notified by SMS or email when an item is moved.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the page frequently asked questions we've put together answers to some of the most common questions we get about our tracking packages. You will find answers on how the BLACKBLOX system and devices work, the estimated costs and the benefits of integrating a tracking system.

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The BLACKBLOX real-time vehicle and cargo tracking system meets the highest demands of road hauliers, passenger and logistics service providers.